Jersey Shore, Ph.D. does not actually have her doctorate yet, but she is a Ph.D. candidate at a major research university and “Jersey Shore, Ph.D.” sounded a lot better than “Jersey Shore, M.A.” She grew up on the Jersey shore and currently studies literature and critical theory. In this blog, she applies various academic concepts and theoretical paradigms to the most fascinating new show on television, MTV’s Jersey Shore.

This blog has no affiliation with MTV or any of its associates, nor do the opinions expressed in it reflect those of anyone but the author.



  1. This is going to blow up.

  2. I boner America!

  3. I’ll say it. GUIDOS!
    As I spent my formative years yearning and saving to escape the guido haven that is North Jersey only to arrive at the slightly less guido-filled Red Bank, NJ, I applaud this site and your efforts.

    I happened across the aforementioned “TV show” and laughed. But inside I was crying.

    Good Work, godspeed, viacondios, and all that.
    Death To Guidos

  4. I just came across your blog from somewhere else. I’ve never seen the TeeVee show, but your writing is great…Does this mean I have to watch it in order to keep up? From what I hear, that’s a bitter pill. Good luck to you, and good luck to me!

  5. You are my hero.

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